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New System Installation

New system installation methods are crucial in having a worry free system for the long haul. We are methodical on how our systems go together. From the high quality parts to the location of the piping we try to plan for current and futures uses and most of all a worry free operation. Can also install wifi capability for the wifi user in you.

Sprinkler Repair

Repairing systems is how we got introduced to the sprinkler system world. Through lots of repairs we have the skills and the know how to repair systems quickly and correctly the first time. Nothing worse than having the same issue over and over with your system. If you have a broken pipe flooding your lawn, a valve that is leaking, or anything in between we will get there quickly to keep your lawn looking great, not flooded.

Warranties and Monitoring

Have you ever walked outside and the sprinklers were running when the shouldn’t have been. Maybe you noticed your lawn was starting to brown a little bit and come to find out the sprinklers haven’t turned on for 4 days, yikes! Or maybe you have Gem Lake in your back yard from a broken pipe. Possibly even those new plants you just bought and planted are now dead because that sprinkler zone didn’t run long enough for the peak summer temperatures, and coming sooner rather than later those water meters. Now they will have us wishing that the broken pipe didn’t leak for 15 hours before it was noticed.

Well great news we have a solution for you. Through our wireless capabilities now we can monitor all those aspects of your system. We can detect if there are leaks, adjust water run times for hot and cold seasons, detect if a solenoid is close to failure, and more. Some equipment changes will need to be made, but will prove to be cheaper than the repairs (or water bills) later on down the road.

Winterization and Start Up

Freezing temperatures and water in your sprinkler system are not friends.  The piping in sprinkler systems are not perfectly flat so water likes to sit in the low spots, as well as in your sprinkler heads. When the water sits in the low spots it freezes and then cracks the pipe or the head, a lot of times both. We take care off this the good way. We used compressed air and blow all the water out of the system, to eliminate most all of the water. Its a delicate process to much air and the system gets damaged. We are pros and can get you winter ready.

Starting your sprinkler system in the spring is for the most part a simple process. But it is exactly that, a process. If a few precautions aren’t made it can cause damage to the system. We would be happy to perform this process for you if you aren’t comfortable, and also inspect your sprinkler heads in the process. If you would like to tackle it yourself we could give a few pointers to assist you.

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