Moving Services

Attention to the Little Things

If you’ve moved very much you know perfectly well how frustrating a poor moving service can be. Well not here at Clean Cut. We can take care of a wide variety of moving needs for you.

Full / Partial Home Moves

If you just need help moving the big items in your home, from the end table to the safe, we can help you out. Or you  just might  have a few things you would like to take to a storage facility. We always have competitive pricing to help you get your move behind you.

Safes, Chests, Pianos

These heavy items are never an enjoyable venture. Why not call us and we can do the heavy lifting. We pay special attention to not banging up walls or floors moving these heavy objects. Some pianos are very sensitive to moving and can be damaged. Let us help take the stress away.

Care / Small Truck

If your car or small sized truck is broke down and you need to get it to the mechanic, we can help. Maybe you need to transport your vehicle and keep it out of the elements, we can help.