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House Lighting

You’ve been wanting it for years now. We can simplify everything for you. You don’t have to untangle the old lights on the top shelf in the garage. No messing with ladders, ice, wind, none of it. Or even mess with removing the lights after the holiday. We do it all.

We come talk to you and find out where and what lighting options you would like. We will give you an estimate for the lights and labor. To be up front with you, the first year is by far the most money. The first year you have the purchase of the lights. The lights we use are very high quality LED lights, with a very durable shell. They are rated to last 7-10 years with proper care.

Tree & Yard Lighting

Tree and yard lighting can make your lawn or property come alive. We have many options to choose from. If you want Santa’s sleigh to a spooky graveyard we can get it done for you. Trees look awesome with swag lighting or branch wrapping in various bright colors. Shrubs and bushes are easily transformed to whatever holiday is special to you.

Multiple Holidays

Decorative lighting is just for the Christmas holiday anymore. We have access to the rainbow of colors to light up holidays like St Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and with out a doubt Christmas.

Venues, Parties & Events

Our holiday decor is great for lighting up your party. It could be semi permanent lighting for a restaurant party patio, maybe your back yard patio parties. Do you have a venue that needs a certain mood we can help with that. Maybe a special event is coming up and you need some great lighting to put it over the top, we can help with all of it.




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Holiday Lighting

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