Clean Up Services

Do you have that eye sore you just don’t want to look at any longer. We have the ability to make it beautiful again. We offer clean up services for almost any spot in your yard. From a few piles of leaves to complete yard make overs we will get your property looking great in no time. Even those unsightly trees, bushes, shrubs or the neighborhood trash that needs attention we can help you with that.

Need Edging?, no problem. If your lawn is overgrown onto the driveway and sidewalks we can get it cut back to an awesome square edge that will make your lawn the best on the block.

Pruning / Trimming

Pruning is not a one size fits all job. Depending on the task at hand Clean Cut can cleanly get you pruned. Trees, Fruit Trees(more delicate), Bushes, Shrubs, flowers, and more. Have you had the company come and just butch your shrubs and bushes, well not us. Certain plants need pruned/ trimmed differently. Rose bushes, and fruit trees need meticulous hands to allow maximum light exposure just to start. Other bushes are purely for looks. Whatever the task, we can do what you want.

Flower Bed/Playground Refurbishing

As the years pass there comes a need to get those flower beds back up to prime conditions. Here at Clean Cut we can get those looking clean and sharp again. If your looking for a quick spruce up, or wanting to remove all of it and start over, we can take care of you. We can add light layer of bark to get that fresh look again. If you like a more maintenance free approach we have a lot of decorative rock options to meet your wish list.

Playground areas often get a lot of use. When all the ground cover material gets blown away or thrown away it can leave your playground unsightly and not safe. If you want wood playground chips, colored rubber chips, pea gravel, rubber mats, we have your solution. We also help meet ADA compliance on public playgrounds.

Rain Gutter Cleaning & Repair

Is your rain gutter leaking on you. Is the downspout bent up from the kids. Are your gutters barely hanging onto the roof. Are the downspouts located in a bad spot. Do they just need a good cleaning. Is the ice building up in the winter causing ice damns, (which left alone can cause very expensive roof damage). We have your solution. We repair all these problems, for a long term, worry free operation.

Tree/Stump Removal

Have a tree or stump that you need gone or its just an eye sore? Let Clean Cut take care of that and get your lawn looking Clean and Fresh. We service trees up to around 25′ in height. We can cut down any problem trees, and then grind the stumps to sub grade level, so your not tripping on it. Or we can even make a nice stool from the stump.

Sod Placement / Removal

Whether its a new lawn, replacing existing lawn, adding or removing to current yard, we make Sod Placement Clean and Easy. If you just built a house and need a new lawn installed or want to change some stuff at your existing property we can grade your lawn so you don’t roll an ankle walking on it or feel a gravel pit under it. The health and longevity of a lawn is in direct relationship to the soil under it. We believe in doing it right the first time.

Retaining & Decorative Walls

Need a wall built, let Clean Cut make it happen. Walls can vary a lot, we can put up a nice short border around flower beds or larger retaining walls next to driveways or on slopes to flatten out an area, or even curves. Our walls are built to last, with great products to fit almost every want.

Small to Medium Scale Landscaping

Do ever look out in your backyard and wish you just had something more. How about a nice elegant pathway out to awesome paver patio. Or maybe a flower bed where there is just grass now. Possibly a little wider gravel driveway to park the toys or to get to the shop. Or even that nice decorative wall to separate your raised flower beds. You could even want that great garden in the backyard. If you’ve got an idea like this we would be happy to lend an honest professional hand.