Annual Lawn Care

We provide core aeration and power raking as part of our annual lawn maintenance services. Aerating is the process of removing small plugs(cores) from your lawn which allows water, oxygen, fertilizers, and other nutrients to penetrate the soil and better reach the roots of your grass. Power raking or de-thatching removes dead material from right above the root section of the lawn to control thatch build up. This helps the yard green up quicker in the spring, and remove snow mold. Aerating and Power Raking are effective in creating a healthier lawn. We generally schedule these services seasonally in spring and fall when they are most effective in the Idaho Falls area.

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Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Our weekly lawn maintenance services come in 3 different packages. Economy, standard, and premium. Depending on your budget, and how much detail you would like for your lawn, we can accommodate your needs. Each package has great quality included, but the next package increases in the level of detail and attention provided. We always bag our clippings. We are excited to say we recycle our grass clippings. We always strive to leave your place better than how we found it.

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Sprinkler Service

Get your sprinkler repairs done right the first time. Clean Cut is here to give you prompt attention to your existing system to keep it in great shape. We’ll work with you to specify the correct replacement parts or can install a new system that meets your needs. We’ll help answer your questions about equipment, service intervals and troubleshooting so your system keeps running at peak. Our goal is for you to have a lot of worry free years.

We offer sprinkler system warranties to cover any minor problems that come up. Warranty will also cover winterization and spring start up. We help you conserve water usage and detect leaks. Please ask us about it.

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Additional & Clean Up Services

Yard work & clean up is usually a dreaded task we all try to avoid. . We can ease your pain for a lot of aspects of your yard work. Here are a few of the things we can take off your plate. And we always clean up behind us.

Spring and Fall Clean Up
Pruning/Trimming of Shrubs and Trees
Flower Bed / Playground Refurbishing
Sod Placement and Removal
Tree Removal / Stump Grinding
Small Scale Landscaping / Decorative Retaining Walls
Rain Gutter Cleaning & Repair

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Snow Removal

Old man winter can always throw a curve ball at us. Residential, commercial or HOA’s we work hard at always keeping our clients clear of the white stuff. While also being conscious of their budget. Many outfits will plow with a tiny bit of snow in the middle of a storm, not us. We always want to do a great job for our clients. We clear snow mounds away from doors and walkways. We strive to pile snow as far away from building as we can, to eliminate possible flooding. We work hard at blocking very minimal parking with snow piles as well. We can take care of any ice control situations you might have as well.

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Moving Service

Moving can almost always be a very dreaded task. We can help. We are very conscious of your home and property. We use blankets to protect your valuables and wear shoe covers when needed. We always work hard at getting your move done quickly. We offer very competitive pricing. We have short term storage available if need be. If your looking for help with a full house/office move or just need a little help moving some items around your house, contact us we would be happy to help.

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